The Sunflower Lettings guide to the rental process – ‘In a nutshell’.

So you’ve viewed some properties and finally found one you really like. It is exactly what you’re looking for and you make an offer. Sunflower negotiate with the landlord and agree a price for you and move in dates. Congratulations on securing your new property!


Done right? You just hold tight and wait for a message to say, “move in”…




Renting a property can be fairly confusing sometimes, not to mention time consuming. Things to consider are signing terms, supplying documents and ID, the referencing process and payments to be made before moving in.


So, as we recognise this we’ve created a task list to work from in order to progress with the rental as efficiently and as quickly as possible. Bare in mind, the letting process can be completed in time periods that range from as soon as 1 day, to as long as 4 weeks (or more), all depending on how well these different aspects (below) get handled.  Let’s not forget the sooner often means the better (less worry time). So realistically it is in everyones interest to operate smoothly and efficiently throughout.


Step by step:

  1. Holding Deposit (to secure a property) – £250. It is now reserved for you. No one else can take the property of your dreams.
  2. Sign Holding Deposit Form and Terms. This can be done at our office or completed via email.
  3. Rent 4 Sure (the referencing company) – They will now send referencing forms via email. If you get these completed online asap it seriously cuts down the process time. They will need the following;
    • Personal Details (Names, National Insurance, Next Of Kin, Addresses).
    • Employment details (Notify your employer or accountant and push them to supply references or documents asap).
    • Previous & Post Tenancy addresses for landlord reference.
    • Credit Details. (These might include bank details and financial records).
    • If guarantor is required – Supply their details and notify them.
  4. Supply Documents – These can be emailed to the office or supplied and copied at the office in person. These include the following;
    • Proof of ID (Passport and / or Driving Licence).
    • Proof of address (Utility bills or others that clearly provide address details with names).
    • Proof of income (Last 3 payslips3 months bank statements).
    • (If Self Employed – Accountants Letter).
  5. Referencing passed? – Clear all monies owed before move in. (Including rent in advance, security deposit and any outstanding).
  6. Monies cleared – Read and sign that Tenancy Agreement. Any special conditions to be revised (break clause, pets, maintenance).

There you have it, simple right?


If you follow this guide strictly then it should make the process easier to follow and you’ll know what to expect. However, there are always stipulations along the referencing front. Credit obscurities like CCJ’s or IVA’s will be found if they are on your record, so be absolutely sure to notify the Sunflower staff before completing any referencing. These can be analised and negotiated and will nearly always be made easier to digest for landlords when a guarantor is involved.


We hope this short guide is helpful for you in the future. Call us on 01732 252022 if you need more info or have any questions.


Remember, nearly every let is different. So let us know what you think and whether you would add anything that could be beneficial to our list.


Happy Letting – and good luck :)


Team Sunflower.


*Little tip – Rental price affordability calculation: Monthly rental x 12 (months) x 2.5  (e.g. £900 x 12 x 2.5 = £27,000 combined earnings p/a) You’re welcome.